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The Best Cucumber Ever

‘Satsuki Madori’.

This is the name of the world’s all-time greatest, most delicious, productive, gorgeous cucumber (in my humble opinion). In the space of just 8 weeks, from a single plant, we’ve harvested 25 cucumbers. The skin is thin, deep, dark green, not too spiny, and never bitter. Slice into one of these babies and you’ll see bright white flesh that is crisp, sweet, and not too seedy.

I cannot get enough of these cucumbers, and it’s a good thing because we’ve got 3 in the fridge and more on the way. Here’s how we’ve eaten them:

Super fresh: Straight off the vine right in the garden. Yum!
Quick and simple: Cut into spears, drizzled with our best olive oil and sprinkled with good salt.
Sweet and Sour: Sliced paper thin and soaked in apple cider vinegar and sugar over night.
Sour and Spicy: Quickly pickled with slivered garlic, rice vinegar, chili oil, and ginger.
On the Rocks: Sliced into a Hendrick’s gin and tonic (in place of the lime)

I’m dreaming up a few more cucumber creations, but if you have a favorite way to eat or drink with them, let me know!

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21 Responses to “The Best Cucumber Ever”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    Summer sours:

    Chop sweet onion. Soak in red wine vinegar for about an hour. Score the skin of the cucumber…or not…after the vinegar has sweetened up the harsh edges of the onion, add the cucumber. Add fresh ground pepper. Maybe a dash of salt…or not. Let soak for an hour…or a few days. They get better with time.


    slice and salt the cucumbers. Let salt sweat the moisture out of the cucumbers. Rinse and wring dry in a clean tea towel.

    Meantime…while cucumbers are sweating…

    Strain plain yogurt in colander lined with cheese cloth (or be lazy and use thick greek yogurt or quark).

    When yogurt is thick, stir a clove of garlic crushed with kosher salt, fresh pepper and some chopped fresh dill and mint. When cucumbers are sweated, rinsed and wrung out, mix into the yogurt/herb/garlic mixture.

    I wish I had cucumbers like yours. This is the first time in years that mine haven’t produced well….sigh…

  2. 2
    Leigh Says:

    I like to use cucumbers to spruce up the average pitcher of lemon water. Just toss in some cucumber slices in addition to the lemon; it is more refreshing and more colorful!

  3. 3
    Cindy Says:

    Those look great! This year the deer ate all mine. I always like to make refrigerator pickles with fresh cukes. Another way that my husband’s grandmother always had them was with sour cream.

  4. 4
    Willi Says:

    All of these ideas are perfect!Sour cream is one of my favorite foods and it has never occurred to me to add cucumber to water. Yum! Robin, I am also a big fan of tatziki sauce. We make falafel for dinner all the time and it is the perfect addition!

  5. 5
    marguerite Says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, can’t wait for next year to try this.

  6. 6
    robin Says:

    For those of you who read labels…I’ve cut sour cream out of my diet because of all the fillers and garbage they all seem to contain. I’m in love with Quark, available in the PacNW from Appel farms (along with other amazing cheeses including Paneer). Anyway, its a great sub for sour cream, yogurt or cream cheese. And, at least this cheese maker doesn’t add a bunch of guar gum, lecithen and other nasty stuff.

  7. 7
    Jen Says:

    I tried making cucumber juice this summer after trying some at a wedding. You puree a cuke or two with some fresh ginger, strain this mixture and then blend into some water. So light and summery. I need to grow some of these next summer!

  8. 8
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  9. 9
    Alan Says:

    Hi Willi,

    Where can I get the Satsuki Madori cucumber?

  10. 10
    Alan Says:

    Hey again Willi,
    I meant to say where can I get the seeds…


  11. 11
    c Says:

    Hi, I also would love to know where I can find their seeds. I am looking at Territorial seed company catalog right now, they seem to not carry them.


  12. 12
    Willi Says:

    Hello Alan and C–

    You can get Satsuki Madori seed from Seeds of Change:

    For those of you who live in Seattle, you can also often purchase plants at the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale, which is always held the first weekend in May.

  13. 13
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  14. 14
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  15. 15
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  16. 16
    Dug Says:

    What more noble a use for a home-grown cucumber than to have a slice in a Hendrick’s G&T? Fresh.
    .-= Dug´s last blog ..Hendrick’s gin =-.

  17. 17
    Blog of the Week: DigginFood Says:

    [...] favorite vegetable is ‘Satsuki Midori’ cucumber. It is a rare heirloom cucumber that has beautiful dark green skin that never tastes bitter and [...]

  18. 18
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    [...] let you know what I end up planting. So far I haven’t been able to find seed or seedlings of my favorite cucumber ‘Satsuki Midori’, so I might have to try something [...]

  19. 19
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  20. 20
    A week of breakfasts; gluten free, vegan options | it comes naturally blog Says:

    [...] He also brought me some cucumbers [...]

  21. 21
    Brande Plotnick Says:

    I’m growing these in my garden this year based on your recommendation (LOVE your book!) and I have a half-dozen of these bad boys in my fridge now. More coming tomorrow! They are so productive and I think they have such a great flavor. Thank you for recommending them.
    Brande Plotnick´s last [type] ..Lemony Summer Bean Salad

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