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Plant I Love: ‘Crane Red’ Kale

When I was in the Bay Area last month I made a pilgrimage to Annie’s Annuals nursery. Swoon! They of course have an amazing selection of ornamental plants, but they also offer a super cool collection of edibles. Case in point: ‘Crane Red’ kale. How can you resist a kale with a hot pink core? I cannot. I must have it! Rumor has it that this is an “ornamental” kale. I think all kales are ornamental. ‘Nero di Toscana’ is one of the most beautiful foliage plants there is. And you can eat it. Apparently ‘Crane Red’ is very popular in the florist trade because it grows quite tall and eventually forms what looks like a hot pink rose. But of course, it is not a rose. It’s kale! If you’ve sampled ‘Crane Red’, do let me know if it is worth eating. In the mean time, I’ve resolved to grow it and try eating it too. Even if it ends up tasting bad, I know it will look good.


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2 Responses to “Plant I Love: ‘Crane Red’ Kale”

  1. 1
    Jazmine Says:

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  2. 2
    Julia Says:

    I love it too. Looks like a piece of art.

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